Midweek Recharge: Choral Selections

Midweek Recharge: Choral Selections

February 03, 2021

In this Midweek Recharge, Good Shepherd's Sanctuary Choir and the Virtual Service singers provide three musical selections for you to listen to during a time of prayer and reflection. They sing "Do Not Be Afraid" (words by Gerard Markland, music by Philip W. J. Stopford), "Go Down, Moses" (choral setting by Larry Shackley), and "Don't You Let Nobody Turn You 'Round" (spiritual; arranged by Lena J. Miclin). May you be blessed as you listen to this music.

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Series Information

Our Midweek Recharge series is a resource for you to draw upon between Sunday services.

The series includes devotions, prayers, music, and more. Listen to the audio here, taken from our podcast channel.

You'll also find links to the Midweek Recharge videos within each description.

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