What We Believe

Lutherans believe that all people are saved through faith in Jesus as their savior.

We don’t save ourselves by saying or doing the “right things.” There is nothing we can do to earn salvation. It is a gift from God – absolutely free. We use the word grace when we talk about that free gift.

When Jesus died on the cross, He bore our guilt and suffered the judgment that we deserve. Through Jesus, we are freed from the terrible consequences of our sin: eternal death and separation from God.

We respond to God’s love by loving and serving the people around us, our neighbors nearby and throughout the world. Jesus taught us about this new way to live with God and with one another, and He called it “the kingdom of God.”

The Holy Spirit leads us to faith and enables us to participate in the Kingdom of God, wherein we fulfill our true purpose: to honor God and to work together with the rest of God's creatures for the good of the whole creation.

Jesus is risen from the grave, and He now lives as the Lord of the universe. One day, He will return to bring the Kingdom of God to fulfillment.