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2021 Board Elections

2021 Board Elections

by Board of Servant Leaders on February 05, 2021

Dear GSLC Members,

The Board of Servant Leaders is accepting nominations for candidates to fill four upcoming Board vacancies. Nominations will be accepted from Friday, February 5, through Friday, March 5.

Board members serve two-year terms. Those elected this year will join Leta Kent, Ted Lillestolen, and Vicki Peter, who are continuing their terms.

This year’s Nominating Committee comprises Board Vice Chair Ted Lillestolen; Board Members Leta Kent and Vicki Peter; Bob Neil; and Pastor Johann.

For the 2021–2023 slate, we seeking nominations to fill the seats of Josh Linder, Will Metts, Jim Micsan, and Anne Morgan, who are completing their terms. We would like to have as many candidates as possible, and we invite members of the congregation to submit names of possible candidates through March 5. Per our Bylaws, we seek to identify one candidate who has been at Good Shepherd for less than three years.

Documents listed below have information from the Policy Governance Manual about responsibilities for the Board and for Board members and the nomination form. A list at the bottom of this post gives a number of Board Member qualifications to consider when thinking about a person you might like to nominate as a candidate.

To submit names of potential candidates, fill out the form and email a PDF (scan) of it to the church office, . The office will forward all nomination forms to the Nominating Committee.

Here is the nomination and election schedule:

  • February 5–March 5: Nominations submitted; potential candidates contacted
  • March 6–10: Nominating Committee finalizes proposed slate of candidates
  • March 14: Proposed slate (with candidate profiles) published.
  • March 14-28: Two-week open nomination period. Per our Bylaws (II.c.3): “any member of the congregation may continue to recommend the names of individuals willing to serve on the BoSL along with the individual’s personal profile to the nominating committee. Such candidates will be added to the final slate of prospective new BoSL members without prejudice.”
  • April 4: Final candidate slate published
  • April 18: Elections to be held online (based on the procedure used in 2020; details still TBD)

If you have questions, please contact the church office. Your inquiries will be forwarded to us.

Yours in Christ,

The Nominating Committee


Board Responsibilities

Board Member Responsibilities

Nomination Form

Board Member Qualifications

The Nominating Committee will seek candidates who:

Meet the requirements of BoSL membership as stipulated in the Constitution and Bylaws

  • Regularly participate in the worship, sacramental, and educational life of the congregation
  • Undertake personal spiritual disciplines for the development of their own faith lives
  • Are good communicators
  • Are visionary
  • Can effectively represent the concerns of the members of the congregation
  • Are open to learning the basic concepts of the governance manual
  • Are willing and able to support the Strategic Direction of the congregation
  • Are willing and able to accept the BoSL responsibilities and member responsibilities, as delineated in Policy Sections 2.1 and 2.2 [Board and Board Member responsibilities]
  • Are not currently employed by the congregation as staff members or have not been so employed any time within the three years immediately preceding the election

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