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COVID-19 Guidelines - New

COVID-19 Guidelines - New

by Board of Servant Leaders on September 24, 2021

Effective September 26 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (GSLC) will follow Fairfax County Government COVID guidelines. These will apply to all employees, members, and visitors participating in indoor activities including worship, Christian education, youth activities, meetings and office work. General information can be found at: Fairfax County COVID-19 Updates.

The current guidelines mandate masks for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. GSLC will make an exception for worship officiants while speaking from the chancel, musicians while singing from the choir loft, and worshipers when partaking in communion.  Office workers may remove their mask when alone in a private office. Masks may also be removed for eating and drinking in the building. Separate seating areas in the sanctuary for unvaccinated worshippers will be discontinued.

Although not mandatory, the guidelines also recommend physical distancing (6 feet), frequent handwashing and staying home when ill.

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