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Changes to worship services and return-to-campus plans

Changes to worship services and return-to-campus plans

by Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on April 23, 2021

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to shift, the Board of Servant Leaders (the Board), Worship Team, and staff have continued to manage evolving health concerns with the appropriate state and local regulations. Major changes to our service delivery have impacted the way in which we have been able to worship and created new social norms. As we return to campus it should be noted that a return to in-person worship will not be without safety precautions. If a surge in the COVID-19 variants intensify significantly the board and staff will reconsider the following plans:

  • At the April 15 meeting, the Board of Servant Leaders decided to include congregational singing at future indoor worship services.
  • The Worship Team and staff are currently planning, within six weeks or so, of restarting weekly Sunday in-person worship. This may include both indoor and outdoor services. 
    • Please stay tuned and patient while the planning ramps up.
  • Adjustments to our virtual services will occur with the restart of weekly Sunday in-person worship. However, our virtual services are here to stay, possibly in a revised format.
    • Please stay tuned for more information.
  • Fellowship will mostly be held outdoors during the spring/summer for enjoyment of the weather and safety, while possible indoor fellowship in the fall is being considered.

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