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Latest Changes to Indoor Worship

Latest Changes to Indoor Worship

by Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on March 18, 2021

At its meeting on March 18, the Board of Servant Leaders, with input from Pastor Johann and Ken Uffelman, chair of the Return to Church Committee, changed the policies for indoor worship. They decided to:

  1. Raise the capacity to 75.
  2. Include congregational spoken liturgy (masked and distanced).
  3. Lengthen services from its currently shortened version (including more verses in hymns).
  4. Allow up to 6 singers in the choir loft, unmasked, but distanced. Obviously, the singers would have to be willing to come in and sing, and our organists (Todd Grivetti and substitutes) would have to agree to a group of unmasked singers nearby.
  5. Include singing by the congregation of the closing hymn on Easter (masked and distanced). Singers and staff who serve at Easter worship would be those who agree to serve in this environment.

The Board will hold another discussion/consideration of expanded congregational singing (beyond the closing hymn on Easter Sunday) at a future meeting.

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