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Prayer for Tonight's Voters' Assembly

Prayer for Tonight's Voters' Assembly

by Pastor Jotham Johann on August 30, 2020

Dear Siblings in Christ,

For those who cannot be at our virtual congregational assembly tonight, the following will be my prayer at the top of the meeting. From wherever you are, pray for us and with us this evening.  -- Hope+ Pastor Johann

We pray:

Lord, as we look forward to our meeting this evening, we thank you for providing us with the awesome privilege of being your children and serving with you and each other in your infinitely meaningful mission and ministry. We humbly ask you for the presence of the Holy Spirit among us, to counsel and guide us in our conversations, deliberations, and decisions. Bless Brother Jim (Micsan) as he facilitates our discussions. During these challenging times, comfort and strengthen us for the work of the church. Help us to employ the resources that you, Jehovah Jireh, the Great Provider, endows upon us, so that all aspects of our life together may redound to your glory, minister to the poor and hurting, and share your Gospel unashamedly, in word and deed. While we keep an eye on the possible second wave of the virus to come, we more importantly keep our eyes fixed on you. While we aim to be sensible with the resources you provide and exercise sound stewardship, we also aim to be courageous and step out in faith during these days of challenge and opportunity for the church and Christ's mission.   

Lord, I ask you to bless each of the Board members, Finance Team members, and those gathered here. Protect and rain down blessings upon them and their loved ones, until their cups overflow. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen. 

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